The Palm wine drunkards club(motto- The basis of africa unity and world peace in palmwine) was founded by just seven students of the then NIGERIAN COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Ibadan, who gathered themselves to rejoice with palmwine upon hearing that in the next morning there school will be a university in 1962 out of excietment that they will be the first undergraduate of university of ife they start to celebrate they were soon joined by other students who were also happy about their new stats and it was agreed upon that the executive organ be formed.


The seven foundation students become the executives and periodically they donated palmwine for the consumption of the group in turns before they knew history was made as they become foundation members of the most woked cub in oriental world. the club was then move to Ile Ife which is now the WORLD HEADQUARTER, while the school of Arts, Science and technology then change to polytechnic which is now referred to as the MOTHER SHRINE, and University of Ibadan is referred to as the NATIONAL HEADQUARTER. The first world chief is PROFESSOR SEGUN ADESINAfirst-chief.jpg among the Adesina prof. Olajubu, Emma Abiodun to mention but a few in those days if they want to pick a chief, the preson that imbibe most within the candidate is the chief.


The name of the club was change in 1986 during the reign of chief Antony Uzodima Ogidi, the then world chief to Kegite Club (motto: Unity Indiversity And discipline is our watch word)


Obafemi Awolowo University ILE IFE is regarded as the WORLD HEADQUARTER where the A.B world resides, this is by the virtue of the possition of this institution in the formation of the club. the A.B world is the number one chief in Kegite club, the chief of University of Ibadan (also known as the NATIONAL HEADQUARTER) is second in Hierarchy.


There are more than 100 ILYASIS (clubs) across the country and outside Nigeria.


The club is reputed to have the largest members and admirers in the tertiary institutions of Nigeria.



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